Second Life for Your Used Parts

Are you filling up landfills with your old products? Are you frequently paying to upgrade to the latest technology? Perhaps you should reconsider your End of Life Product Cycle. By refurbishing and redeploying your previous generation product, which is already coming out of the field in significant quantities, you can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining your installed base.

Support Your Legacy Clients:

Your clients with the legacy systems are not always complaining about their current systems. By utilizing your refurbished products to support service calls at your legacy customers, you can avoid costly forced upgrades and significantly improve the speed of your field service calls.

Financial Benefits:

By redeploying your refurbished parts, you immediately reduce the cost and risks of eWaste management. You will typically save, on average, 65% of the cost of using new product on service calls. This savings can be dramatically higher when legacy equipment is not available and entire installations need to be upgraded when a single component is not available.