Expert Repackaging of Open Box and Refurbished Product

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. We all agree that a prefect refurbished product and open box product must work out of the box and look brand new, but if the product isn't professionally packaged it could lead to buyer remorse. At Green Wave Electronics, we have elevated our Repackaging procedures to an art form.

Open Box Returns:

All Open Box product (items returned unused in original packaging) are fully tested and inspected, and if in like new condition are resealed in the original manufacturers box, if available. All boxes are re-sealed consistent with manufacturer procedures, including shrink wrap or tamper-evident seals, as required.

For certain product lines and programs where manufacturer packaging is not available, the Open Box product is repackaged as a Refurbished product and labeled as such.

Refurbished Product:

After any necessary repairs, full functional test, and cosmetic refurbishment, all Refurbished product is packaged in plain white boxes, with appropriate cardboard inserts, to closely match the manufacturer's packaging layout. Refurbished product is sealed with Green Wave Electronics tamper-evident seals.

Accessorization and Labeling:

Before packaging, all accessories are inspected and tested, if necessary (ex: power adapters), and cables are tested for continuity and shorts. These accessories, plus all necessary documentation, are included in the box. Refurbished product in plain white boxes are labeled with the product SKU, description, and other important information like serial number.

Financial Benefits:

Whether we are repackaging your product for your company's reuse, for resale on an eCommerce site, or to stock your fulfillment inventory for your Advanced Replacement Program, there is no question that repackaging product saves you money multiple ways. First, if you are currently eWasting your returns, you immediately recover the eWaste fees. Secondly, if you are simply refunding your customer (or forced to do so by the eCommerce site) without collecting the returned product, you lose out on the salvageability of the product. Finally, by testing and repackaging the returned product, you can now sell the refurbished product, at a modest discount, to a new customer.