High Volume Test and Repair

Our Test and Repair Program processes tens of thousands of parts per week.

Inbound Inspection:

The process starts with a thorough inspection of the housing and all buttons, accessories and connectors. A full cosmetic inspection of all surfaces is performed to determine the required refurbishment steps. All PCBs are thoroughly inspected by qualified IPC-A-610 inspectors.

Pre-test Flashing, Reset, Unenrollment, Data Wipe:

As appropriate, parts are flashed with the current released firmware for the product and factory reset prior to testing. Enrolled devices are verified cleared from the relevant services. All disks are wiped clean of customer data.

Functional Testing:

Green Wave Electronics engineers develop custom test appliances to efficiently and effectively diagnose all known functional defects for our higher volume parts. Low volume parts are diagnosed in our bench repair department by our Level 2 and Level 3 technicians. All test results are saved to the Green Wave Electronics database and are visible to our customers via the Green Wave Electronics Portal.


Defects detected during inspection and functional testing are repaired using salvaged parts from unserviceable units, new OEM parts, or approved third party parts. All repaired items are re-tested to confirm a successful repair.

Financial Benefits:

For high-volume parts, Green Wave Electronics charges a repair price based on average time and material usage for that part. Repairs of low-volume parts are charged a competitive time and materials price. A high percentage of parts which come to Green Wave Electronics have no functional defect or minor defects which can be economically repaired and refurbished. By having Green Wave Electronics repair your product, you can redeploy for the fraction of the cost of a new product and reduce your eWaste footprint.