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  • 1.

    No Headaches

    We'll manage your complete RMA process. No paperwork, no date code deciphering, no mess. Just send us the parts and you get the credits and replacement parts.

  • 2.

    100% accuracy

    Only failed, in-warranty parts are returned to the OEMs. No battling return departments or paying penalties for returning functional or out-of-warranty merchandise.

  • 3.

    Perfect replacements

    Out-of-warranty parts are repaired and refurbished by QGistix to like-new standards. Each part is fully accessorized and boxed with your company logo.

  • 4.

    Save Money

    Refurbished parts, from your own scrap, are returned to you for, on average, 35% of the cost of a new part. Our bench repair services are significantly lower than that of OEMs and other 3PL providers.

solutions for system integrators

Your company services a large number of accounts, and your trucks return each day with dozens of old parts. If these parts are taking up space in your warehouse or, worse, being scrapped, you are losing thousands of dollars of value. Even the most inexpensive parts, when processed through our unique reverse logistics system, can yield significant savings over the course of a year.

All parts are accurately tested, and in-warranty failures are sent back to their respective manufacturers for credit or replacement.

All other parts are repaired (as needed) and refurbished, accessorized, packaged, and shipped back to you to use on future service jobs. If you are concerned about quality of refurbished parts, our parts have failure rates under 0.025%, far better than failure rates of new parts!

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