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  • Incoming Service Parts

    75% of the parts coming out of your service jobs can be made good as new. Don't send them to scrap, send them to us and see the effect on your bottom line.

  • Product Identification and Sorting

    The first step of the process. Parts are manually sorted by unique SKU.

  • Cataloging

    Serial numbers, manufacture date (for warranty determination), firmware versions, and any information to assist testing are all recorded.

  • Traceability

    Each part gets assigned a unique tracking number which follows the part all the way through our process and out to the field.

  • Visual Inspection

    Prior to testing, parts are inspected for physical damage and corrosion.

  • Testing

    Parts are tested for functional compliance by highly-skilled technicians. Our failure rate for refurbished parts is 0.02% which far exceeds quality standards of newly manufactured parts.

  • Custom Test Appliances

    We tool custom test appliances for each unique SKU we process, assuring consistency and accuracy for each of the 500,000 parts we test annually.

  • All Failure Modes Checked

    We've tested thousands of pieces of the most common parts, and know what to test for. Even the most obscure failures are caught during our exhaustive testing procedures.

  • Our Technicians Are Experts

    Technicians are trained and qualified on specific SKUs, so they know the parts intimately.

  • Cleaning

    Our dedicated crew of detailers clean and shine each housing before it is released.

  • Assembly

    Parts are reassembled and final tested before release. Assemblers are trained to final-inspect each piece assuring every shipped part is released in like-new condition.

  • Shipping

    Refurbished parts are shipped back to you, in bulk, within two weeks of receipt. Bench repair parts are shipped as completed, ususally within two business days.