Data Security

We built Green Wave Electronics to address two issues that exist when disposing of old electronic equipment:

  1. Data Security Management is achieved by the following:
    • 24/7 video monitoring at our facility
    • Strict employee access/movement procedures
    • Proper tracking of serial numbers
    • Quality control checks on internal processes and procedures
    • Highest quality walk through metal detectors for exiting our processing facility
    • 3rd part audits conducted several times a year at our facility by multiple vendors
  2. Proper environmental treatment of electronic waste products that enter our processing plant

Our Process:

After the computer and electronic items leave your company or organization's facility or are dropped off at our facility, all liabilities are transferred to Green Wave Computer Recycling. When the items arrive at our facility, each data containing item is scanned into our database (can be done at your location before physical removal) to ensure the recycling and data destruction process is tracked. The hard drives are pulled from the computers and physically destroyed (which can also be done onsite at your facility) to disable any information from being recovered. The hard drives are then thrown into a larger container to be shredded for metal recovery. We process cell phones, MP3 players, copy machines, networking equipment, and other data containing devices in the same manner.

Asset tags and company ID tags are removed from devices to ensure that your company or organization's identity is unknown to our recycling partners who refine the plastics and metals. This brings peace of mind for clients whom want to remain anonymous. This is one of the many ways that Green Wave Computer Recycling is able to better serve clients.

Once the recycling process is completed, a "Data Destruction & Proper Recycling Document" is mailed to you to keep on file.

We know once you experience the Green Wave process you will NEVER want to switch to another company for the proper disposal of your items. We are a privately held (owner operated) business that constantly attempts to improve our recycling flow process to better service our existing customers and future customers.