Expert Refurbishment to Like New Condition


Parts are triaged based on the level of cosmetic defects observed. Housings with unrepairable defects are scrapped, and the remaining parts are separated based on required level of refurbishment.

Paint and Powder Coating:

Housings requiring painting are processed in-house in our professional paint booth, while powder-coated surfaces are outsourced through our local vendor. All painted services are precisely color-matched for color, texture and finish to look exactly like the new product.

Plastic Refurbishment:

Plastic services are refurbished via multiple proprietary techniques to hide scratches and other defects and restore each surface to like-new condition.

Sourcing of Spare Parts:

As needed, spare housing parts and mounting hardware are sourced directly from the manufacturer or qualified third parties. Spare housings and mounting accessories from failed product are salvaged for use with repaired parts.

Financial Benefits:

Green Wave Electronics is very economical in their use of refurbishment techniques, salvaging of reusable parts, and purchasing spare parts in bulk quantities. These savings get passed on to our customer.