Resell Excess New and Refurbished Product

Managing your inventory is not an easy task. With changed forecasts and obsolescence, you often find yourself overstocked on many items long after your initial purchase. Effectively remarketing and selling this overstock is a challenge and bulk sales will yield only pennies on the dollar. If you want to maximize your return, you need to sell the inventory one piece at a time, but who has time for that? You have a business to manage.

The Green Wave Electronics Remarketing Program is the best and easiest way to sell off your excess inventory without lifting a finger.

Highest Ratings on Amazon and eBay:

All of your product will be listed on Amazon, eBay and the Green Wave Store. Your product will be professionally photographed, and accurate descriptions written by a native English Web Store Specialist. Our Amazon and eBay stores have the highest company ratings, so your product will be listed prominently, with a high probability of "Winning the Buy Box" on Amazon. Since Green Wave Electronics is a Seller Fulfilled Prime reseller, your products will be listed as Prime for Amazon Prime customers1.

Prime Shipping to 72% of US Population via Ground:

Our Atlanta location directly adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, allows us to reach 72% of the US population in two days via economical ground shipping. Customers requiring two-day service outside of that region are shipped to via FedEx One Rate two-day service. Our new Western Distribution Center, opening shortly, will increase our two-day ground coverage to over 90% of the US population. Subscribe to future press releases on the form below, and we will alert you when the new location is opening.

Remarket Your Refurbished Products, Too!

Our Remarketing Program is not limited to new overstock product. We are also authorized to resell Open Box and Certified Refurbished product on all our channels. This is a great way to turn your excess used product into cash rather than scrapping it.

Customer Service and Returns Handled Seamlessly

Integrated with our Remarketing Program is our professional Customer Service and Returns Management. All customer requests are promptly and professionally answered, and returns are handled per the terms of the various sales channels.

Financial Benefits:

Once you send Green Wave Electronics your overstock, it's hand's off for you. Each month, you will receive a check or wire transfer with a report of all product sales plus your share of the revenues, net of shipping fees, channel fees, and returns. You also have access to a sales velocity report on the Green Wave Electronics Portal, to view how well each item is selling and projected time to sell out.

1 Subject to Certain Minimum Pricing Guidelines