Be a Good Corporate Citizen and Save Money

Our team at Green Wave Electronics strongly believes that you can responsibly manage your electronic forward and reverse supply chain while saving a lot of money. Who says that being green and saving green are mutually exclusive goals? In fact, every one of our programs focus on achieving both goals. Here are the rules that we live by...

Reuse Wherever Possible:

Many of our programs are dedicated to reusing your electronics that would otherwise be discarded. Whether you are the end user, a system integrator, a distributor or a manufacturer, our programs are set up to maximize reuse. Our Test, Repair and Refurbishment Program allow us to get your returned product back up to like-new condition and Redeploy or Resell as appropriate. Parts which are not unrepairable, but still covered under a manufacturer warranty, can be converted to dollar credits or replacement material, and further reduce the number of parts being discarded. Besides keeping the failed and in-warranty product out of landfills, we reduce the need to purchase new products, thus saving you money and reducing the demand for raw materials.

Resell Unwanted product:

Green Wave Electronics offers multiple ways to sell your unwanted product, whether the product is new overstock, end of life product, or refurbished product, we can turn your unwanted material into cash. And by doing so, all these products will not be sent to scrap.

Redeploy your Overstock

Our Excess Inventory Redistribution program allows you to centralize your excess stock in the field at Green Wave Electronics. This allows you to avoid repurchasing material which you already own, thus reducing your inventory expense, and get it to the place it is needed quickly and efficiently. In addition to the money you save, you will reduce the consumption of raw materials needed to manufacture new products and the carbon footprint associated with excess transportation fees.

Customer Service and Returns Handled Seamlessly

Integrated with our Remarketing Program is our professional Customer Service and Returns Management. All customer requests are promptly and professionally answered, and returns are handled per the terms of the various sales channels.

Responsibly Recycle:

Every one of our programs are designed to minimize the number of parts which need to be scrapped. And by guaranteeing that absolutely zero electronic parts get disposed of improperly, you will eliminate the risk of expensive EPA fines which not only effect your profits but can result in negative publicity which can take years to rebuild your corporate reputation.

  • Go Green

  • Eliminate Parts Going to Landfills
  • Responsible Recycling Turns eWaste Into Valuable Commodities
  • Reduce Demand for Raw Materials to Make New Products
  • Reduced Transportation = Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Reuse of Spare Parts and Componentss
  • Save Green

  • Create Revenue by Reselling Unwanted Items
  • Repair and Redeploy Cheaper than Buying New
  • Reuse Your Excess Inventory - Save on New Purchases
  • RMA Credits and Replacements
  • Loss Prevention